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Size: 15ml


Our wonderful and soft Veggilanol White Gold now also comes in a limited edition tin, perfect to pop into your purse.


What is Veggilanol White Gold?

Veggilanol White Gold is supersoft Veggilanol, it is our smoothest and softest Veggilanol Lanolin.


Our Veggilanol White Gold is an anhydrous lanolin, meaning it’s free from water. Being a lipid-rich emollient, the White Gold wax helps heal cell membranes and helps your skin to retain moisture better.


Veggilanol White Gold is AllergyCertified, Vegetarian Society Approved and is ethically and responsibly sourced. No animals are harmed in the production process and we never test on animals.

Veggilanol White Gold - Starter Tin

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  • The Veggilanol White Gold relieves soreness for breastfeeding mothers and repairs dry and cracked skin.

    The Veggilanol White Gold is even further refined than the Gold lanolin, giving you a more natural and nude look. This wax soothes and heals cell membranes and helps your skin to retain moisture better.

    Veggilanol White Gold is ideal for people with allergy-prone skin, as the Veggilanol White Gold is AllergyCertified and dermatologically compatible. 

  • The Veggilanol White Gold can be applied directly onto your skin or can be used as an ingredient for natural personal care products, from face creams to lip sticks. Veggilanol White Gold helps to moisturise, condition and protect your dry and cracked skin such as lips, elbows, feet, cuticles and cracked nipples (yes, we are thinking of you, breastfeeding mothers).

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